Fast, efficient and consistent size reduction of food processing waste is fundamental when it comes to achieving cost-effective disposal and meeting ever more stringent environmental regulations. Mono NOV’s range of Munchers has been specifically developed to provide effective grinding of all types of food processing waste and models in the range are able to
reduce solid waste by up to 70% volume.

By reducing waste to a consistent particle size as small as 3mm, the Mono Muncher can save on storage, landfill tax and transportation costs, and can improve the efficiency of disposal and biodigestion processes. The Mono Muncher is also ideal for macerating waste for methane production in biogas plant.

Models in the range will accept a very wide range of wet or dry waste in separate or mixed formats, whether washed through with water or other liquids or fed dry by gravity.

Series F cutters news imageTypical material macerated by Mono’s Munchers includes feathers, skin, bone, offal, meat scraps, hooves, fruit stones and skins, vegetable peelings and stems. A Muncher will also easily accept whole chickens and carcass joints with bones, fat and connective tissue, and difficult cylindrical objects, such as coconuts or melons. Even tin cans, wood and plastic containers can be reduced in size by a Mono Muncher before sending for recycling.

The 2 Sisters Food Group, one of the UK’s largest poultry processing companies, installed Mono’s Series A Muncher at its plant in Scunthorpe. The company installed the Mono Muncher in order to meet legislation from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which dictates that poultry waste from its processes, such as offal and feathers, is reliably and consistently reduced to a particle size of no more than 4mm.

Mono’s TR Muncher was installed in a food and vegetable waste processing plant in East Lincolnshire, which was built by organic waste disposal company, Tanks & Vessels Ltd. The raw material processed in the plant was ground down by the high performance Muncher to create liquid soil conditioner, which can be used as a substitute to fertilizer.

Models in Mono’s Muncher range consist of a low speed, high torque grinder with twin shafts. They also carry cutter discs, which contra-rotate at differential speeds and are driven through a gear box by an electric motor. The cutters efficiently shear any solids passing through into small particles, while the low tip speeds help minimise noise and wear to the cutters. The particle size can be predetermined through the cutter spacing configuration, and the Munchers can handle up to 10,000 kg/hr.

The Mono Muncher can be packaged with a Mono Widethroat pump to provide a highly efficient and integrated grinding and pumping combination for pastes and thick slurries.