Mono NOV, Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, parts, Munchers®, screens and packaged systems, has supplied two L Series Discreen Units to a sewerage plant in Germany, through its German distributor, VTS.

By installing the two Mono Discreens, the sewerage facility has been able to maximise its storm tank efficiency and minimise the risk of pollution.

Discreen product news imageThe Discreens, which were chosen due to their ability to handle large nonbiodegradable solids, allow only screened effluent into the storm over flow tanks. By eliminating solids, the risk of floating particles being discharged with the storm water is
greatly reduced.

Handling a total incoming flow of 540 l/sec, the Discreens, which are installed into the inlet area of the existing stormwater pumps, prevent solids greater than 9mm passing through, retaining them in the inlet channel for removal and processing further down the works.

Featuring overlapping and intermeshing discs, Mono’s Discreen works by rotating the discs to gently convey solids and debris across the face of the screen to the point of discharge.

Fully self cleaning and relatively maintenance free, the Discreen is available with three to ten disc shafts per unit, and depths between 200-1,750mm. The aperture size of the screen is controlled by varying the thickness of the disc spacers and can be supplied with 2.5mm, 5mm, 9mm, 13mm and 18 mm apertures to meet both on-site and European legislative requirements.

As well as being installed in new facilities, the Discreen can be retrofitted into existing storm overflows with a fabricated mounting frame, which can be simply bolted to the storm weir, allowing the system to be lowered into position with minimal distribution
and downtime.